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how simply proposals came to be.

“I first came up with the idea for Simply Proposals while watching a movie with a friend of mine. After commenting on how romantic the proposal scene was, he turned to me and said: “I hope you’re planning your own proposal because most guys would never come up with that on their own!” In that moment, I thought about all the time I had spent since I was a little girl, dreaming of the perfect proposal my future husband would plan for me. I couldn’t be the only one who dreamt of that magical moment and had such high expectations for it, so what if there was someone to help take the stress off the person proposing?

To help plan a creative, romantic, and personalized proposal that their partner would never forget. This is where the idea began and the company was formed once I joined forces with the brilliant and creative Chanelle Giroux. We shared in our passion for all things romance and decided to turn our passion into a company helping others bring their own romantic visions to life.

This is our goal at Simply Proposals. We aim to guide you through the proposal planning process to help make it as easy as possible, and as special as your partner deserves.



Finding someone to spend the rest of your life with is hard enough, so we want to make planning your proposal simple. Our mission is to assist you in designing the perfect proposal that reflects the unique love that you share with your partner. We excel in creating luxurious proposals that are accessible and affordable to everyone. From romantic settings to minor details, we help you plan everything so you don’t have to do it alone. Contact us today and discover how our a marriage proposal planner can help make craft your dream proposal.”

-Tawnya Dillabough, co-founder

why choose simply proposals?

Did you know that nearly 70% of women said they would have changed something about how they were proposed to? That’s why we help our clients create fairytale proposals that will take her breath away!

we handle the heavy lifting

Simply proposals will take care of all of your needs to make sure your proposal will be planned out perfectly. All you have to do is enjoy the experience.

creative wedding proposal

We pride ourselves on our creativity. We make sure that you have a perfect experience that is stress and hassle free.

friendly service

We will meet with you in person and make sure the process is personal and you feel comfortable with us taking care of this experience.

the dream team

Simply Proposals consists of two partners Tawnya Dillabough and Chanelle Giroux. As long time friends and advocates for the perfect start to your “happily ever after,” we aim to guide the client through the proposal planning process to help make it as seamless as possible, and as special as their partner deserves. We are excited and passionate about bringing couples love stories to life.

Tawnya Dillabough, the founder of Simply Proposals has worked in sales for 10 years, and managed social media marketing for multiple fitness clubs. In addition, Chanelle Giroux has an educational background in Business Marketing and is an event planner by trade.

Together we posses the skills and experience to conquer this up-and-coming industry.




“I am Tawnya Dillabough, as the main founder of Simply Proposals I have always loved romance and everything love related. I would dream up big romantic gestures, vacations and gifts in my spare time. Now my passion, creative flair, and amazing attention to detail can benefit others.

Being a personal trainer for years and volunteering as a facilitator in a support group to help people suffering from mental health issues has given so much back to me. My life has drastically changed and I now feel more fulfilled than ever. I finally found my calling that I am so passionate about, helping others.

Combining these two passions for romance and helping others has been the ultimate dream that has finally come true. “




“When the everyday pressures of life get you, and you feel there is just not enough time in the day to get all of your tasks done, you call on someone you can trust. My name is Chanelle Giroux, as one of the founders of Simply Proposals, I am a passionate professional dedicated to making my clients’ dreams come true through the idea of the perfect romance

As an organizational guru with an educational background in business marketing combined with real-world event planning experience, I’ve worked with tons of clients from all over the spectrum. As a firm believer in true love with a real knack for romance, I take pride in being someone you can confidently trust.

I believe in my abilities to deliver the desired result from the beginning stages to the final product of the proposal lifecycle. After spending over a decade in my professional career working under someone else, I am so excited to bring forward my creative energy and funnel it into something I believe in so deeply in my heart, love.”

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