Infographic: Amazing Proposal Locations in Canada

Everyone loves a good proposal story but with the world of Instagram and social media, it really can be difficult to raise the bar amongst your peers! Obviously, the priority is to find the perfect match for you in terms of your connections and areas of common ground so that you live a long and happy life together but it’s always nice to have a beautiful proposal moment to look back on; it’s also a good story to be able to tell the grandchildren! 

It really does depend on the couple as to what type of proposal it’s going to be – if a partner is making it a complete surprise, they really need to be sure that their loved one will be comfortable with a public proposal if that’s what is being suggested. Some people just don’t like the attention and prefer to have such intimate moments without the view of crowds of people and that is understandable so it’s important to keep it in mind in order to respect their wishes. However, if you’re certain that your partner would adore something spectacular to mark the occasion, then the sky’s the limit! You should be as creative as possible with your proposal idea. Try to think outside the box (pardon the pun!) to arrive at some amazing plans in order to mesmerize your partner and really make the sparks fly when you ask the big question. 

The guys at Design by Sevan have put together this infographic that outlines some of the most pretty and prefect locations around Canada for you to go down on one knee. Simply Proposals can also be a helping hand for any of these places too so get in touch if you need more assistance in making your dream proposal a distinct reality!